Seafront Creative takes great pride in showcasing the success story of Princes Mini Golf, where we played a pivotal role in transforming their brand into a modern, fresh look that harmoniously reflects their location in the stunning Princess Park, Eastbourne, UK. This case study highlights our comprehensive efforts in logo design, website development, online presence optimisation, and social media setup.

Logo Design and Branding:

Understanding the need for a visually striking and memorable brand, Seafront Creative embarked on designing a captivating logo for Princes Mini Golf. We carefully crafted a modern and unique logo that stands out on signage, flyers, uniforms, and websites. The logo perfectly captures the essence of the stunning Princess Park location while embodying the excitement and fun associated with mini golf.

Mobile-Responsive Website Development and Optimisation:

Recognising the importance of a user-friendly online presence, Seafront Creative developed a mobile-responsive website for Princes Mini Golf. We focused on creating a seamless and engaging user experience, ensuring visitors could easily navigate through the site and access relevant information. Additionally, we optimised the website for top 5 Google placement by employing effective SEO strategies and keyword optimization.

Tripadvisor Listing and Local Directory Links:

To enhance Princes Mini Golf’s online visibility and reputation, we leveraged the power of customer reviews and recommendations. Seafront Creative set up a Tripadvisor listing for Princes Mini Golf, encouraging visitors to leave positive reviews and attract more footfall. Furthermore, we secured valuable local directory links, strengthening the website’s authority and credibility.

Google Business Listing Setup:

To maximise local visibility, Seafront Creative set up a Google Business listing for Princes Mini Golf. This ensured that potential visitors searching for mini golf in Eastbourne would find accurate and relevant information, such as opening hours, contact details, and customer reviews. The Google Business listing helped boost Princes Mini Golf’s online presence and attract more local customers.

Social Media Setup:

Recognising the power of social media in engaging with the target audience, Seafront Creative set up Instagram and Facebook profiles for Princes Mini Golf. We created engaging content, visually appealing graphics, and timely updates to keep the audience informed and excited about the mini golf experience. These social media channels allowed Princes Mini Golf to interact with its audience, build a community, and promote special offers and events.

Results and Impact:

With Seafront Creative’s branding and digital efforts, Princes Mini Golf underwent a successful transformation. The modern and fresh logo design aligned perfectly with their stunning Princess Park location, capturing the attention of visitors both online and offline. The mobile-responsive website, optimized for top 5 Google placement, ensured high visibility and increased organic traffic. The Tripadvisor listing and local directory links further boosted their reputation and attracted more customers. The Google Business listing and active social media presence created additional touchpoints, resulting in enhanced engagement and increased footfall.


Through a comprehensive approach encompassing logo design, website development, online presence optimisation, and social media setup, Seafront Creative successfully elevated Princes Mini Golf’s brand. The modern and fresh look aligned perfectly with the stunning Princess Park location, attracting visitors and boosting their online visibility. Princes Mini Golf stands as a testament to the power of effective branding and digital marketing in capturing the attention of the target audience and driving business success.

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